Based on our site investigations and existing utility searches, the existing utility asset overlays and clash drawings we provide can identify assets that could potentially affect a project.

The management of diversions and relocation of affected apparatus is often key to a project’s success or failure – either by way of cost or program constraints.

We offer the following services:

  • Identification of affected apparatus (NRSWA C2 Searches).
  • Feasibility studies to minimize diversions by providing design solutions.
  • Pre-utility engagement, cost planning and programming of diversion works.
  • Engagement with affected utility owners for budget estimates (NRSWA C3).
  • Advice on design, investigation and planning information requirements prior to application for detailed design.
  • Engagement with affected utility owners for detailed design and estimates (NRSWA C4).
  • Advice on contestable and non-contestable works.
  • Guidance on protection works.
  • Production of utility diversion drawings.
  • Advice on legal issues – wayleaves, easements and leases.
  • Manage final agreements for instruction of works – costs, program and design (NRSWA C5).
  • Project support during construction (NRSWA C6-C8).
  • Reconciliation and agreement of final account (NRSWA C9).

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