Smart Motorway Programme

Project Overview

Highways England are currently working to increasing the capacity on England’s motorways and major routes. Upgrading motorways with the use of technology to enable all lanes running (ALR), Highways England hope to create an additional 240 miles (480 lane miles) of motorway through the smart motorway sections.

Gattica INVOLVEment

The Jacobs Atkins Joint Venture have been appointed to undertake Tranche 1 of the design of the smart motorway schemes which includes:

  • M6 J13-15
  • M20 J3-5
  • M23 J8-10

Gattica was appointed as the utility advisor, with the main aim to highlight any major utility interfaces across the schemes and inform the design teams. An awareness of the high-risk apparatus can inform the scheme design such that the locations of proposed large infrastructure, such as gantries, can be positioned to avoid protection or diversion works of any apparatus passing beneath or above the carriageway. In addition, any layout changes to slip roads, depots, motorways service areas and turnarounds that may have an impact on existing apparatus can be highlighted as a risk area, and an allowance made for time and budget to protect or divert apparatus.

Gattica has had key inputs into Highways England PCF products for each SGAR, such as the Statutory Undertakers Estimate, 100 Series (Appendix 1/16) and the Hazard Log.

Download Smart Motorway Programme Case Study


“Gattica’s team have adopted a collaborative approach with us throughout the lifecycle of our work on the Smart Motorway Programme; key risks relating to the design interfaces between existing utilities and the provision of new infrastructure have been proactively managed, resulting in more efficient designs and a robust delivery programme. I look forward to continuing this successful working relationship, long term.”

David Riley, Executive Director of Operations, Jacobs

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