Brent Cross
Argent / Related

Project Overview

Argent Related where formally selected to deliver a 192-acre site at Brent Cross South in partnership with Barnet Council in 2015. The site sits immediately south of the Brent Cross Shopping Centre, which will be significantly transformed over the next few years. Argent Related will enter into a joint venture alongside Barnet Council.

The Partnership will work together to develop sensitively and sustainably, breathing new life into this part of north London and benefiting existing business and residential communities by providing new public spaces and amenities, while also delivering a significant contribution to the new homes and offices that London needs.

Construction is programmed to commence in late 2018.

The project, is looking towards a masterplan that will deliver:

  • 6,700 new homes with a mix of sale, rental and affordable
  • Up to 4 million square feet of new office space providing for over 25,000 jobs
  • A new high street, with local shops and restaurants
  • Improved transport connections, with an additional Thameslink station serving the area
  • Better walking and cycle routes
  • New bridges over the North Circular, Midland Main Line and Hendon Way
  • New squares and parks with inspiring places for children to play
  • New and improved community facilities.

Gattica Involvement

Gattica have been involved in BXS from the initial “Invitation to Negotiate “ documentation was issued in 2014. Gattica advised AR throughout the bid and upon award where engaged as the Utility Infrastructure Consultants for the scheme.

The appointment covers a site wide management role, as set out below and a phase by phase project management role:

Site Wide New Networks Utility Infrastructure Co-ordination and Management

  • Understand the site-wide and phasing load requirements to manage required detailed load requirements as issued by the M & E consultants First thing would be to maintain the sitewide loading table.
  • Coordination and review of site-wide and phasing loads in master schedule.
  • Liaise with incumbent utility companies to understand residual loads, upgrade and/or reinforcement work required for developments site wide loads.
  • Liaise with the incumbent utility companies to understand points of connection.
  • Liaise with the various stakeholders to understand their programme, phasing and network connections.
  • Manage the concept – detailed coordinated design for all new utility infrastructure networks.
  • Liaise with infrastructure, highways and public realm to understand the service corridors for installation of the utility infrastructure – primary and secondary routes. As above, specifically mention ARUP and BH.
  • Liaise with all other design partners to ensure co-ordinated and space plan/clash checked drawings are compiled for both combined and individual utility companies.
  • Manage the detailed design process to ensure all relevant parties are fully coordinated throughout the design phase.
  • Work with all stakeholders to obtain final design approval prior to issue of “For Construction” drawings.
  • Engage with all parties and stakeholders to ensure all utility infrastructure requirements are pre-planned within the context of the development, design and build out programme, both for the pre-construction and construction activity.
  • Understand the procurement and asset ownership options available for the new site infrastructure.
  • Manage fully open market procurement strategy including the introduction of competition for the construction elements of the new networks. – I would bring this up, key element under the new site wide utilities.
  • Compile, review and manage the issuing of bid documentation to a pre-agreed list of tenderers.
  • Manage the tendering and procurement process reviewing all returned bids and ensuring that the project objectives (load, cost, design, programme and phasing) are achieved.
  • Attendance of joint workshops, coordination and planning meetings. Manage and chair all procurement and design coordination meetings and workshops.
  • Provide regular progress reports and updates detail trackers to the development team, throughout each stage of the procurement process.
  • Confirm the offers received from the incumbent and competitive companies are within the terms of their licence conditions and regulatory frameworks. Input into review/scoring of tenders. Issue review/reports for the short listing in Q2 2017.
  • Liaise with the commercial team to understand and advise on the scope of works and programme for each of the supply companies in order to best deliver the construction element of the networks installation.

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