A12 JUNCTION 19-25

Project Overview

The A12 J19 to A120

The A12 Chelmsford (junction 19) to A120 (junction 25) is part of the strategic road network and supports national and regional economy by connecting Felixstowe and Harwich ports to London. It links the towns of Chelmsford, Witham, Marks Tey and Colchester between junctions 19 and 25. This road struggles to cope with existing peak traffic demands, resulting in delays and reduced speeds.

The scheme aims to reduce congestion and delays; improve safety and provide improved routes between communities for cyclists, horse riders and pedestrians. Construction works are due to begin in 2020.

Gattica Involvement

Gattica have been involved at the beginning of the design stage with the Jacobs who are undertaking the detailed design. Gattica have been involved prior to any engagement with utility owners in order to highlight the high-risk apparatus and the impact of working in their vicinity, in order to inform design decisions in terms of logistical constraints as well as likely budget and timescales. This has included not only the proposed route, but also areas to be used as balancing ponds, borrow pits, site compounds and haul roads. Gattica have also had an input into the DCO process, identifying likely temporary landtake requirements for protection/diversion works in order to try and future-proof the original design.

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