Gattica Associates, January 2018

 31 January 2018
Gattica Associates, January 2018

We are very happy to share some of our new projects and company development since the beginning of 2018. Firstly, Gattica Associates have been awarded roles on Canada Water, overseeing the infrastructure delivery management. In addition to this project, we have also been engaged by Sweco to procure the utilities on the A47, a Highways England scheme. This is really exciting for us as it is our first contract working with Sweco.

Works have been moving along with Century Park access road. We have now been engaged to deliver a 3D underground utility model to help give a clear and precise image of the underground utilities. During this project, we have had meeting with the CPNI in regards to BIM and a security minded approach to design. We have taken this advice and are now aiming to incorporate this into all of our projects by taking a careful approach to design. 

As well as new work, we have also been developing ourselves as a company. We recently had a BIM GAP analysis meeting with the British Standards Institute to discuss our capabilities as a Tier 2 contractor to become involved in PAS1192-2 projects. The response was fantastic and we hope to be closing the minor GAPs very soon with the development of our CAD standards and Quality Management System.

Due to the recent uptake of work, we have also hired additional CAD resources. David Hristov has joined our company this past month in the capacity of a CAD technician. We are very happy to welcome him on board and wish him well with the future of the company.

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